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ce soir au garage: finishing decaying silently

constant battle opening electricity fairy tale emancipation madrigals allegory ballrooms anticipation economy destiny sharing practices

overdetermination over exitence celebrity disadvantages celerity hooligans ecosexuality fantasy metronomy beat makers solidarity

jungle top anti flourishing fantastically vanishing gorgeous expectancy over brussels is a beautiful city finishing decaying silently

the book of changes why slimy yellow what again the reaching whom any doll killing every door so these steps stand and there licking

bargain tissues barking windows are not just computers but television plants and accommodating plato bingo fresh homo geniuses

watches the sea dimed at the metal words at the kaai lightning the cold and aliexpress income parties where the people find demography

dance is there anyways i quest hegemony fuling another dull day keeping homeless houmous thomas the boys and floating violence

is always at hands reach over and over you can count on me but fee make a pause

towards unintelligibility the flow the mistakes and the costing homes of figures therefore the jokes you hear the this the that the tangible heads

dreaming forest alterity infinity immensity philanthropy and so do i and the right words in the right ordering orgasms stinks

is that a tomato or an abricot or the living room of your grandma accupuncture graveyard i lost track

digesting giggling pain

an email in your mailbox ordering condoms emancipatory google noodle we never really celebrated new year everyday ever sources

harsh a reason on me the curtains between

i doubted the outta here comes tones of forging fraud charging rest total echoes thinking carpets hot plastic river of

it just sounds great drinking bounded together randomly here is the thinggy salt and peper monogamy

is what's real what's real or is what's real what i decide what's real forest stories loops psychology omega 3 butter acquires

tangent automobiles engeeneering comfort radio hey toughness of here's the thinggy oh jalous stops adds cops

i cannot today do you hear wrong tasting fresh throwing trash threatning they said no they are everywhere aren't them lipsticks

paralysis sex tapes i want to take space right here right now but here i am on the edge of town failing again like this city finishing decaying silently

- brussels, september 24th

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