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jeanne chauchat

Jeanne Chauchat is a performer, drums player, she likes to do collages, drawings, kung fu, rugby, and to start things in general, but has sometimes hard times finishing them.

She started dancing at the age of 7, had a too long practice of ballet until she discovered CONTEMPORARY DAAAAANCE at the CRR of Paris. She studied there for 4 years until she thought
that it was enough. She’s had then a very blurry year, trying to figure out what to practice, where, who for and who with. She finally studied for one year in La Faktoria Choreographic Center, where she premiered her solo Trashes. There, she developed a certain curiosity for theater (notably through discussions and researches with Max Hannic) which led her to study at EITAB, in Madrid, for 3 months.

She’s been part of leprojetgéo since 2018, and is now continuing the adventure with the guild, notably participating in Towards unintelligibility residencies.

She’s wondering through her work how to desactivate or activate contradictions, represent systems, question representations through representation. She is now developping a research around the What the fuck and buzz phenomenons and is getting lost in the internet.

Alerte sur le net ! [video officiel]

collaborations in the frame of leprojetgéo

Working Dance, Untitled n°92


Untitled n°84


jeanne.chauchat [@]

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